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My name is Gemma. I'm mum to two hounds, one pig, and one human baby. I also have a pretty great husband (he's the man beside the handsome dog in that picture there).

The Event Advent came about due to my pregnancy coinciding with Christmas. As you are most likely aware pregnancy prohibits one from consuming alcohol or soft cheeses. At this time, aside from chocolates, these were the only other types of advent calendar available. This got me thinking and wishing there were better advent calendars, with better gift options. Heck, why do they need to only countdown to Christmas?

I had a friend also expecting, so decided to make her a gift countdown calendar to her due date. It consisted of fun facts and weekly gifts for her and her new bubba. Thus, the first Event Advent was created.

I don’t know about you, but I sure get a surge of pleasure from giving the perfect gift. I also don't think Advent Calendars should be reserved just for Christmas, or just for small chocolates.

There’s nothing like seeing the joy in a friend’s eyes or hearing a little squeal of delight when they get a great gift. I wanted to harness that happy feeling, and go one better, so they can have multiple gifts on the countdown to that special day.

The Event Advent offers a great selection of customised gifts and messages to suit every preference and price point.

From handmade locally sourced products, to your favourite chocolates, we do the hard work to provide something to please that special someone, whether it be for a daily or weekly countdown leading up to the special day.


The 3 Life Box

By purchasing or receiving an Event Advent gift countdown calendar you have become a part of the three life box.

Our Event Advent gift boxes are made from recycled wine boxes.

They get a second life by providing you with a gift countdown to your big day.


You can give the box a third life when your countdown is complete. 

The graphics on the box are designed with young bubbas in mind and can be used for visual stimulation in the early months.


If you don't have or know a baby that's fine, you can use the box for something else. Like collecting your groceries, holding your recycling or storing your emergency supplies. 



There are so many different awesome events and so many unique individuals. With this in mind not all events can be accounted for to buy a countdown "off the shelf".

Never Fear.


No matter what the event, we will work with you to create an Event Advent Gift Calendar to suit your needs. 

Just fill in the form to get started and we will be in touch!